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Kukunori guest lecturing in social entrepreneurship course at Aalto University Executive Education

Markus Raivio ja Aalto AEE opiskelijoita pitämässä lippua.


Kukunori guest lecturing in social entrepreneurship course at Aalto University Executive Education


Kukunori collaborates with ​​Aalto University Executive Education and Associate Professor Ewald Kibler from the Aalto School of Business guest lecturing at the social entrepreneurship course. Kukunori’s guest lectures combine practical knowledge with theory and give students the opportunity to get a sneak peak to working life with social business innovations.

Kukunori bringing practical case study to the MBA course

The Master’s level course aims to help the students to develop the theoretical and practical understanding how entrepreneurs can create new social enterprises. Kukunori acts as an empirical case study for the students in the course.

“The story of the development of Kukunori serves as an excellent case, and we couldn’t have wished for a better guest lecturer than Markus Raivio, the first Finnish Social Entrepreneur chosen as a prestigious Ashoka Fellow”, says professor Ewald Kibler.

“We want to offer the best possible environment for students to learn about solving ‘real-life’ challenges in developing a social enterprise, and it is key for us teachers at Aalto to work together with inspiring and successful social entrepreneurs like Markus Raivio”, Kibler describes the decision to contact Kukunori.

“Markus’ creative and insightful way of helping students understand the main challenges in starting and scaling a new social enterprise brought the theory to a practical level. He also challenged the students to learn new techniques by ideating new business ideas related to social entrepreneurship in their local context.”

From guest lecture to future collaborations

The guest lecture of Markus Raivio was just the beginning of the future collaboration between Kukunori and Aalto School of Business.

“Aalto School of Business especially aims to be one of the front-runners in helping businesses to grow to make our societies better, more socially inclusive, and more sustainable. To do so, it is important for Aalto to work together with important actors who actively create social impact through their work and business activities, like Markus Raivio. I am happy that the collaboration between Markus and me as part of the Aalto Executive Teaching was the beginning of long-term partnership between Aalto School of Business and Kukunori”, says Kibler.

“Aalto School of Business is an internationally significant actor with strong connections to working life. I am proud that we can partner with the unique solution-seeking organization that is pioneering in the field of social innovation teaching. Working with Ewald in this course has been inspiring and I am excited to see what we will achieve together”, Markus Raivio the executive director of Kukunori says.

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