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No Labels No Walls – Music Beyond All Borders


No Labels No Walls - Music Beyond All Borders

Musical Intervention from USA and the Music Beyond All Borders network participated in the No Labels No Walls Festival 2021. The festival was about sharing action between individuals and organizations locally and globally and each action was a creation session that brought people together. The planned action of the Music Beyond All Borders session was to write the longest song ever to unify the world.

During the festival session participants shared music and experiences of using music as social and wellbeing tools and to discuss the power of music to change people and the world. Music brings people together, gives hope and creates positive feelings. It can also be a tool to explore life’s dark side, traumas, mistakes, conflicts and misunderstandings. The Music Beyond All Borders session featured videos of children longing for their parents in prison. With self-made videos the children were able to feel closer to their families.

Music Beyond All Borders a network to create musical peer-to-peer support around the world, to enjoy music and music making together. During the process of the No Labels No Walls Festival 2021 a new song creating model was formed by Musical Intervention from Connecticut USA. You can participate the longest song in the world by first watching this tutorial, and then sending your part to adam @

The main conclusion of the festival action was to continue coming together and supporting each other and everyone without borders through music. Sound, melody, equity, peace and humanity. Something for all human beings.

How to do it? The Festival coordinator and member of the Music Beyond All Borders Network Markus Vähälä told about the Global Culture House Map established during the first session of this festival. The Map is a place where we can find newl cultural groups around the world and through these connections we are invited to introduce our own cultural activities and be connected to other groups around the world. No walls and No borders any more! Let’s continue to create the longest song ever!

Why is it important to show the impact of music and its power for people’s wellbeing? Because you might need money and other resources to do it. People and organizations in Music Beyond All Borders network have a lot of experience. It is time to seek funding together to make the world a better place via music and establish more action around musical creativity. We could utilize the Guided Functional Peer Support Model (GFP) and other models, theories, and platforms to collaborate? We invite you to contact each other and to start planning together!