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No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Hats Against The Stigma

25.8.2021 @ 20:30 - 21:00
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Hello, my name is Hilppa. I have a long personal history with mental health recovery and I warmly welcome you to take part in the first phase of my project with No Labels No Walls.

To combat the stigma with mental health I am asking everyone to send me pictures of hats from people who have or have had mental health issues. The first pictures will be displayed during the NLNW Festival. With these pictures I wish to demonstrate the invisibility of mental illnesses as well as to highlight the scope of the issue and the uniqueness of everyone who suffers for the most part in silence.

Since the beginning of the project, it’s been important for me to bring forward people who aren’t normally seen but also keep their privacy into account. The negative and sometimes discriminatory attitude about mental health illnesses is still a problem felt widely across the globe and forces many people to hide their condition, instead of seeking and receiving sufficient help and support. People who have or have had mental health issues have a right to share their stories publicly and feel accepted by the world without the burden of being labeled. Reducing mental health stigma would benefit not only the people who struggle with mental health problems but also their loved ones and communities.
The pictures I have received are very touching and also very relatable. I hope they have an impact on everyone who sees them and also serve as a proof for those who struggle alone that they are not alone.
Thank you!

My project will continue and I gladly accept new pictures to my collection – the bigger, the stronger!
1. Take a picture of your hat (or whatever headgear you can come up with). Make sure there are no people, animals or overly personal items on display.
2. Send the picture to (By sending the picture you agree to transfer the copyrights to the recipient. Your name and e-mail address will remain with the recipient only.)
Thank you so much! Stay well!

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20:30 - 21:00
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