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No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Walking Football and Sport dreams

Online event , Suomi

Join the Festival Action as we are sharing our sport related dreams together. Kukunori is a Finnish organization innovating in sports, culture art and community building. Walking Football is inclusive sport brought to Finland by Kukunori. The Walking Football project supported by Aapo Kotkavuori has created a large network of Walking Football teams around Finland. […]

No Labels No Walls Festival: TheatreWorkers Project’s Project Re/Frame

Online event , Suomi

Further Shores, a virtual theatrical collage was written and performed by formerly incarcerated members of TheatreWorkers Project's Project Re/Frame ensemble. It was produced in collaboration with Friends Outside in Los Angeles County with funding from the California Arts Council and Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.

No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Justice And Art!

Online event , Suomi

For this NLNW Festival event we will creating hope through art in relation to justice related issues. Justice covers a wide variety of social issues ranging from criminal justice, environmental justice, or racial justice. All of these social issues require a lot of "reaching for our further shores" as we identify our hopes and dreams […]

No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Hats Against The Stigma

Online event , Suomi

Hello, my name is Hilppa. I have a long personal history with mental health recovery and I warmly welcome you to take part in the first phase of my project with No Labels No Walls. To combat the stigma with mental health I am asking everyone to send me pictures of hats from people who […]

No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Building A Bigger We!

Online event , Suomi

Conversations that Matter! Revolutionary Listening & Collective Processing. The Toronto Summer Institute (TSI) on Citizenship, Diversity and Inclusion has for the past several years been rooted in the theme “Building a Bigger We”. The NLNW Festival 2021 will carry that theme forward. Join us for the NLNW Festival event as we create a bigger we […]

NLNW Festival 2021: Kimitli and NBDC

Online event , Suomi

Kimitli and NBDC This is the contribution I want to send from Niyaz Bildik Dance Company (NBDC) Qualia "Just as we are, as a cup of coffee, as the way we perceive the world in our inner world... A short dance movie from the streets of Prague." Niyaz Bildik Dance Company (NBDC) webpage and […]

NLNW Festival Event: Inclusive Theater of WNY (ITOWNY)

Online event , Suomi

Inclusive Theater of WNY (ITOWNY) is a performing and visual arts company, that is dedicated to advancing artists of all forms and levels of ability – including artists with disabilities – to encourage the change of socially constructed images and misconceptions that exist of people from diverse backgrounds and groups.

NLNW Festival Action: Creating We Are One Scotland Festival

Online event , Suomi

Creating We Are One Scotland Festival Welcome to create the CitizenFest for all. As part of the Citizen Network of citizen festivals No Labels No Walls is linking the festival 2021 to We Are One Festival in Scotland. Come and create a unique festival where you can create with others. Continue the actions created in […]

NLNW Festival Event UBI Labs: Building Networks For Change

Online event , Suomi

The real challenges we face in society can often seem overwhelming, too big to even begin to tackle. The problems are usually very complex and deeply entwined with issues that affect people in many different ways, often requiring change on many levels. But we can break problems down, hold a common vision of what better […]

NLNW festival: Riku Turpeinen Aid Album

Online event , Suomi

Riku's Aid Video Album is a fresh way to update new music for the No Labels No Walls community and 2021 year festival. Songs are all important in their own way to Riku and he hopes that the songs communicate with he festival audience as well. The album includes also the latest No Labels No […]

NLNW Action: Music Beyond All Borders – A Song to Unite – All Around The Globe

Online event , Suomi

Musical Intervention and Music Beyond All Borders will be participating in this year’s No Labels No Walls Festival. Our action: to write the longest song that unifies the world. What makes this action special? You are part of it! ● An instrumental musical beat provided by Musical Intervention (USA) will be recorded prior to the […]

No Labels No Walls Future Laboratory

Online event , Suomi

During the meeting we will be discussing how we can create a world without walls and labels. What we want our future festivals to consist of both in person and virtually? How can we build events that create action among those that participate? What is preventing us from creating a world without labels and walls […]