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What is GFP?

Culture Houses are spaces where individual and collective skills and resources are supported and strengthened through peer activities. The action is designed around the participant’s ideas and wishes. Everyone can decide and influence in the design and implementation of the activity. In the Culture Houses you can do what is relevant and important for you!

Culture Houses are based on awarded Guided Functional Peer support model (GFP). Culture Houses are usually based on art, culture, music an other creative activities, but the model can be applied in varied environments, settings and activities.

Guided Functional Peer support GFP

The activities and workshops are based on functional peer support. Action is designed by the participants in collaboration with trained peer supporters who are responsible for leading the activity. Professionals role is to train and support the peer supporters. It is everybody’s responsibility to create mutual understanding about the content and goals of the peer supported activity and to build functioning a shared community based on trust and respect.

Guided = Professional staff supports peer supporters
Functional = The groups are focused on relevant and meaningful activity
Peer support = Peer supporters are guiding and leading the group activities. Peer action is seen as a strengthening activity rather than diagnostic or illness centered dialogue. Peer supporters guide and lead various functional groups in Culture Houses that are based on their strengths and interests.

Over 10 years of Culture Houses!

GFP model was developed over 10 years ago as part of the ELVIS-project. The goal of the project was to strengthen the capabilities, skills and participation of adults recovering from mental health related issues. During the years Culture Houses movement has expanded and developed, but the spirit of ”Yes We Can” and the focus on relevant and meaningful action has remained at the core of the model.

Culture Houses at Kukunori

GFP model is in use in many projects and activities in Kukunori. We would like to collaborate with you in creating new Culture Houses around the world. Roso Productions and Roso Games are using the GFP model online providing support for over 200 individuals around Finland. Kulttuurikongi project took the model to the prison environment to support people incarcerated and formerly incarcerated and their families. Propellerheads (Propellipäät) took the GFP model to schools. Please contact us and let’s make GFP happen in your community!

Markus Vähälä,
International coordinator