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NLNW Action: Music Beyond All Borders – A Song to Unite – All Around The Globe

26.8.2021 @ 22:00 - 23:30
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Musical Intervention and Music Beyond All Borders will be participating in this year’s No Labels No Walls Festival. Our action: to write the longest song that unifies the world. What makes this action special? You are part of it!

● An instrumental musical beat provided by Musical Intervention (USA) will be recorded prior to the festival. An email containing the beat and hook, will be sent to anyone who wishes to participate in the action.
● Participants are encouraged to sing along to the hook and contribute original lyrics and melody to the song. Sections can be sung, rapped, spoken word, or instrument solo, but must be within the length of the beat. Please make sure the lyrics and melody are original to you.
● Any means to record is recommended, whether it’s a computer software (Pro Tools, Logic, etc) or a phone application (BandLab, voice memo, video recorder).Please send an isolated track just including your creation.It’s not required, but highly recommended!
● If you are able to,record a video of yourself performing your part (preferably to a green screen) so the clips can be superimposed together.
● Please sign the release and include it in the email or your part can not be included.

All the submissions will be woven into one big song to present for the festival. Our call to action is the submission process remains open for the rest of the year. We are aiming to create the longest song by next year’s festival.If you have any questions related to this action, please send an email to

We hope to hear your talented voices on this incredible project!
Sincerely yours,
Kevin O’Brien Music Facilitator at Musical Intervention New Haven, CT (USA)

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22:00 - 23:30
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