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No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Culture Houses

25.8.2021 @ 15:00 - 16:30
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Do you create art and culture? Would you like to be creative together with other people in your area or around the world? Join Culture Houses, a special peer to peer network of groups in Finland and Sweden that make things happen, and make culture happen with you! Using Guided Functional Peer support method the 14 culture houses provide support for adults with support needs an environment and possibility to do something creative. Designed by people, for the people. People like you and me. A Culture House can be a place or it can be a digital online environment. It offers support, training, venues, festivals and a place to meet new people and old friends. Would you like to get creative with Culture Houses?

We, from the Culture House Network, would like to make the world into a gigantic culture house by getting to know you, your groups and organizations doing similar activities. Let’s meet and show and tell about our cultural productions and our stories. Come and show us what you are doing; music, media, theatre, movies and other creations. We will create a map of the world with culture houses everywhere and talk how we can continue collaborating in the future creating culture together. Come and join the No Labels No Walls Festival 2021 shared Culture House action!

The No Labels No Walls Festival 2021 shared action will be hosted by Dramalogen, from Halmstad Sweden. Dramalogen is a network of culture workers in Sweden using their cultural skills to benefit society in various ways. One of Dramalogens’ projects is the Culture house – a model imported from Finland which we have been running for 3 years.

What kind of creations your groups have been making. Show and share with the world and put your group to the map. If you don’t have group yet, we will show how you can take part in the online Culture House open 24/7. What is your Culture House or what kind of Culture House would you like to see? Let’s put ourselves on the map, share our productions, tell our stories and plan for the future. Let’s make Culture Houses happen together!

Join the No Labels No Walls Festival 2021 through Zoom here:
Read more about Dramalogen:
Read more about No Labels No Walls here:
The No Labels No Walls Festival is part of the Kukunori week, hosted by the centre of culture and wellbeing Kukunori in Finland. Read more:
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15:00 - 16:30
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