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NLNW Festival 2021 Giriphul

25.8.2021 @ 16:50 - 17:00
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GIRIPHUL – Giriphul means a unique and special flower that blooms in the hill
Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC), in Bangladesh and Vocational College Live, in Finland, started on 2021 a development co-operation project called Giriphul in Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh.
SWAC: Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children (SWAC) was formed on February 3, 2000 by a group of very enthusiastic and devoted parents of individuals with autism. The aim of SWAC is educating and training individuals with autism to develop to their fullest potential and improve the quality of their live.,

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LIVE Vocational College: Vocational College Live operates 10 learning units in the Province of Southern Finland. It provides training targeted at individuals who need special education, individual support and guidance in their studies and employment. At Live, each student can learn and work according to his/her individual capabilities.
Giriphul Project: Giriphul is a development cooperation project in Rangamati Hill District. We promote special needs education and human rights for indigenous people.!#pages%2Fghiriphul.html
Project Personnel: Marja Helina, Finland, Md Mofijul Islam, Bangladesh
Images:/Video of SWAC school
Project Partners:
Kukunori, Finland: Kukunori provides an online platform for developing a new kind of disability community culture, creating international awareness and a forum for art and culture.
Resonaari, Finland special music centre. Resonaari brings figure notes music teaching and empowering music pedagogy to the Rangamati school via the Internet. Such cross-cutting cooperation also enables indigenous peoples to participate in the digital age and networking.
Moanoghar, Bangladesh: Moanoghar cooperates to implement the project activities according to the project plan.
We are Grateful to
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
The Prime Minister’s office, Bangladesh
Contact information:
If you feel to support the Giriphul project and our important and inspirational work, please contact:
Md Mofijul Islam, Deputy Director, SWAC:
or Live Vocational College, project manager in Finland, Marja Helinä Nuutinen:
We invite you to work with us for the human rights and dignity of indigenous people with disabilities in Rangamati Hill District. Art and culture build bridges and equity.


16:50 - 17:00
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