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No Labels No Walls Festival Action: Walking Football and Sport dreams

25.8.2021 @ 17:00 - 18:30
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Join the Festival Action as we are sharing our sport related dreams together. Kukunori is a Finnish organization innovating in sports, culture art and community building. Walking Football is inclusive sport brought to Finland by Kukunori. The Walking Football project supported by Aapo Kotkavuori has created a large network of Walking Football teams around Finland.

Walking Football offers a sport where everybody can join, enjoy and feel the excitement of playing together. Walking Football is an efficient way to bring people together, create a feeling of unity and creating a social environment for other shared actions. Now at the festival we are asking the question: How can we make walking football happen in your community and in your neighborhood?

At the festival we will share pictures and photos of sport related dreams. What is the image or story you would like to hear? About your favourite sports person, team, friend, family member or about yourself?
Share your material with us on our facebook group, on instagram using hashtag #nolabelsnowalls or send us an email to Let’s unite our sport dreams and share them with the world!

We will also develop data for a project to make walking football happen with people with intellectual disabilities. The event is facilitated by Aapo Kotkavuori from Kukunori.
Here’s info about Walking Football from Aapo:

What is walking football?
Walking football is a low threshold, low impact, low injury risk team sport that promotes better physical and mental well-being and social inclusion.
How does it differ from regular football?
* No running with or without the ball
* Only goalkeeper is allowed to play in the penalty area
* Ball must not be kicked above the crossbar
* No headers

Purpose of these changes to football rules is to make the game more accessible and safe for people with physical restrictions or disabilites.
What is Kukunori’s Walking football -project all about?
Our aim is to help social welfare and health organizations to start their own walking football teams for people with mental health issues or substance abuse. We introduce and educate the organizations to the sport so they can organize their own teams and training.
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17:00 - 18:30
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